About Blue Pillar

An education game-changer, Blue Pillar Academy models a unique approach to academy education in Malaysia. Using the latest technology and method of teaching, Blue Pillar Academy is set to bring Malaysia’s academy to a new height. Today, Blue Pillar Academy remains a forerunner in the academy sector in the country.

Blue Pillar Academy offers professional short courses to build skills that are immediately applicable in the workplace, adding value to increase working adults’ career advancement and entrepreneurs’ business prospects. These part-time courses, certified by UTMspace are designed by highly-trained and experienced industry professionals.

Our History
We have more than 12 years of teaching experience. Blue Pillar Academy was established in the year 2019, prior to restructuring and rebranding, our interior design course was managed by Infoera Academy since the year 2013.

Mario Khor

Co-Founder and lead lecturer in Blue Pillar. Possessed more than 18 years of experience in the field of interior design, and more than 12 years of teaching experience. Mario has a Master in building technology and won the 2018 Asia-Pacific Interior Designer competition

Meet Our Team

Our lecturer possessed many years of interior design experience as well as passing their knowledge to the next generation of interior designers. Most of our lecturer has a master 


Blue Pillar Lecturer

An architectural designer with an accomplishment of architectural degree studies in Malaysia. Currently occupied as an architectural assistant in an architectural firm in Singapore. Winson have a huge passion and remarkable experiences in 3D visualization.


Blue Pillar Lecturer

Motivated and passionate architecture graduate from Taylor’s University with working experience in related industry, Aspiring to pursue architecture postgraduate program to expand knowledge and to gain new experience.


Blue Pillar Lecturer

Creative and results-oriented interior designer with 7 years background in the field. Jiun is ever-ready to tackle new challenges


Blue Pillar Lecturer

A detail-oriented architect with remarkable experiences in the field. Ken is the winner of various construction and designing competitions.


Blue Pillar Lecturer

Certified interior designer with 3 years working experience in creating crisp interiors for residential and commercial. Seeking opportunity to be affiliated with company with a growth mindset on hard and soft skills and break out from corporate cubicles.


Blue Pillar Lecturer

Having more than 7 years of interior design experience across Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. Stella is co-founder of SDS since 2018.


Blue Pillar Lecturer

Academician with over 6 years of experience, specializing in field archaeology and architectural conservation management.


Blue Pillar Lecturer

A landscape architectural designer with unlimited innovative ideas and dedication.  Molly is equipped with experiences that could help students to reach their full potential 


Blue Pillar Lecturer

An experienced interior designer with more than 18 years of professional experience. Spent more than 12 years in teaching design students and training employees.


Blue Pillar Lecturer

An experienced interior and landscape designer with more than 11 years of professional experience. Loves to teach and share knowledge others.


Blue Pillar Lecturer

Talented designer Architect with 18 years of professional experiences. Specializing in creativity and visualization, Kok has high interest in coaching and teaching students to gain more knowledge.


Blue Pillar Lecturer

An enthusiastic individual with a passion for designing, Huei Nian possesses a creative, innovative, and competitive mindset. With a rich background in interior design and strong academic qualifications, he brings valuable expertise to inspire students in critical thinking for current fields.


Blue Pillar Lecturer

A highly motivated lecturer passionate about creativity, modern design, and sustainability in architecture. Marcus is passionate about exploring the endless possibilities of architectural creativity and bringing the world of architecture to a whole new level. With a strong dedication to teaching, he inspires and nurtures students’ creative abilities to elevate the field.


Blue Pillar Lecturer

With 8 years of experience as an interior design lecturer and over 20 years of working with customers in the field, Quak brings a wealth of expertise. Her extensive teaching experience and long-standing practical background make her a captivating lecturer, able to provide valuable insights to students.


Blue Pillar Lecturer

An architectural designer who is on the journey of learning from artists & builders. Accomplished a wide range of works from lighting & art installation, flagship store, commercial & residential ID, and currently focuses on industrial buildings. Kim’s creativity won him several local & international design prizes. He sees teaching as a way of sharing and learning together.


Blue Pillar Lecturer

He brings valuable experience in interior design to the table. With a strong foundation in project conceptualization, interior build, and on-site supervision, he is passionate about creating innovative and functional spaces that meet the needs of clients and users alike.


Blue Pillar Lecturer

A professional academician with 12 years of experience in the field of landscape architecture. She is a highly motivated lecturer who loves to educate and help students reach their full potential in landscape design.


Blue Pillar Lecturer

A result-driven PMP certified Project Manager cum Solution Consultant with over 10 years extensive experience in Aviation & Aerospace IT industries at international settings, covering Asia Pacific, Middle East and Europe regions.

Passionate in lecturing, aspire to make a positive impact and derive fulfillment from seeing students grow, learn and achieve their goals.

Committed to professional development, staying updated on the relevant research and best practices in the industries to make continuous improvements in lecturing.


Blue Pillar Lecturer

As a graduate with a Degree in Civil Engineering and a Master of Business Administration, coupled with extensive work experience in the construction industry, he is not only highly qualified but also deeply passionate about imparting knowledge and sharing valuable insights gained from years of practical experience.


Blue Pillar Lecturer

Engaging lecturer with 4 and a half years of teaching experience in University Malaysia KeIantan (UMK) and 2 and a half years of industrial experience as graduate/assistant architect. Passionate in all things related to architectural and graphical design based matters.


Blue Pillar Lecturer

Passionate lecturer with a passion for imparting knowledge and helping students to reach their goals. Possess 25 years working experience in the services industry and more than 10 years teaching experience. Skilled in Sales and Marketing, Economics, Management, Business Administration, Design & Technology and Research Method. Well verse in Malay, English & Mandarin. Core strengths include teaching, mentoring, along with excellent collaborating, problem-solving, and organizational skills. Provide students with the best educational experience possible and committed to helping them reach their full potential.


Blue Pillar Lecturer

Passionate individual as a Certified Landscape Architect with the title LAr. verified by Institute of Landscape Architect Malaysia (ILAM) with a demonstrated history of working in the landscape architecture & planning industry. Skilled in Masterplan, Analytical Skills, Communication, Project Management, and Strategy for local housing masterplans and townships development. Strong professional with a Bachelorand Master’s degree focused in Landscape Architecture from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. Well versed in English, Mandarin and Malay with enthusiasm to educate the public about the landscape industry,


Blue Pillar Lecturer

A passionate and action-oriented graduate from the University of the West of Scotland, brings valuable working experience in the related field of digital technology marketing. She plays a crucial role in the Office of Information Technology and Business Management, where her expertise contributes to strategic initiatives. Drannice’s commitment to leveraging digital technologies ensures that she remains at the forefront of this dynamic industry. Design & Technology and Research Method. Well verse in Malay, English & Mandarin. Core strengths include teaching, mentoring, along with excellent collaborating, problem-solving, and organizational skills. Provide students with the best educational experience possible and committed to helping them reach their full potential.


Blue Pillar Lecturer

With 7 years of experience in manufacturing and
education sectors, integrates his diverse background into
academia, specializing in teaching external programs such as
Cambridge A-Level and AUSMAT. Utilizing various teaching
methods, he fosters critical thinking and active participation
among students. His goal is to inspire analytical thinking and
problem-solving skills, leveraging his expertise in
Econometrics, Financial Economics, Business Administration,
and Strategic Management. With a Master’s in Business
Administration from University Technology Malaysia (2020)
and a Degree in International Financial Economics from
University Malaysia Sabah (2017), he aims to bridge the gap
between academic theory and practical application,
preparing students for success in academic and professional

Blue Pillar Academy Certification

Our Professional Graduate Programme is awarded by UTMSPACE (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, top 5 university in Malaysia). Our UTM certification is recognized by Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM). Making it easier for documentation for those who intend to work in Singapore.

All our students will attend the graduation ceremony held at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Skudai campus, Johor.

Partners & Certifications

We are proud to be one of the educational partners of the vocational education portal organized by Penang Institute. This portal helps you find vocational courses suited to your needs.

This initiative by Penang Institute began in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, in response to the strongly growing demand among school leavers and newly unemployed people for skilling opportunities.

By providing easy access to information about available vocational courses, we wish to help individuals make informed and purposeful decisions as they pursue holistic personal growth.

The portal is independent and is not affiliated with any of the educational institutions on the site. All information shared is solely to enable better decision-making among those seeking to upskill themselves under conditions that suit them best.

The Prime Minister was present to launch the Penang Vocational Courses Portal (https://vocational.penanginstitute.org/), a website providing easy access to information about vocational courses available in Penang.

This is designed to help students, teachers, and parents make informed decisions when pursuing personal growth. Tailor your learning pathway to your
preferences and to the stage of life, you’re at.

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