More Efficient Way To Learn And Design


Advance Education System

Modern days require modern solutions. That is why we invested heavily in advanced technology in our education system to provide our students with the best learning experience. We have built a few new education platforms from the ground up specifically to cater to our design students.

Our Online Platforms

Blue Pillar Online platform is powered by BLUE TECH. The platform is our hub for online learning, collaboration, and access to additional learning materials we developed to guide our students digitally. 

Our lecturers & students can access the platform to easily communicate, stay organized, & engage with each other to improve workflow. Accessing learning materials is just a click away.

Learning On-The-Go

Students can access the BLUE PILLAR ONLINE platform to download files, access to course materials, post questions, and more. Anywhere, as long as there’s an internet connection, it doesn’t matter if you use iOS or Android. Laptop, tablet, or mobile. Learning never stops.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We know AI is going to take over many of our jobs in the future. Instead of worrying about something we could not stop, we prepare our students to embrace AI by learning AI tools to help them work better and more efficiently. BLUE TECH partner with leading AI experts in the market to bring the technology to all our students. Learning the AI tool is part of our course for all students so that everyone is ready for the future!

Intelligent 3D Design & Rendering

Forget about Autocad for a moment. Our AI tool allows students to design and render their masterpieces easily with just a few clicks. After which they can easily customize their masterpiece with millions of materials and furniture just the way they want it. The best thing is, the floor plan will be automatically created as well and everything will change in real-time when you’re making adjustments to your project.

Impress Your Client With VR

Show your client your masterpiece that they will never forget. This will give you an edge over other interior designers. Let your client see their dream design like it’s real using VR (Virtual Reality). Check out the demo below.

See if for yourself

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