Professional Diploma In Interior Design is not only about art but functionality, a great design could even showcase a studio apartment into a spacious, comfortable space with proper design, good lighting, furniture and etc.

Our interior design program includes Professional Certification, Professional Diploma, Professional Degree and Professional Master in Interior Design. With our interior design course online, we aim to equip students with both hard skills and soft skills which are required to create and even transform a space into an aesthetic, comfortable and user-friendly home. Interior designing course / degree offers the skills that are required for a lifetime in the career of a designer.

The Interior design & architecture courses online are designed by our lecturers to prepare students both academically and practically ready for the future workplace. The employment rate of graduates with Professional diploma in interior design from Blue Pillar Academy is promising as we inspire innovation and equip students with 3d interior designing skills along with both hard skills and soft skills to stand out from the graduates in the future with the help of our 3D interior design course online.

Our program is a Professional Diploma awarded by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia – School of Professional and Continuing Education (UTMSPACE) and the online interior design course certification is recognized internationally.


Curriculum of the program

The modules and courses offered in online interior design course are updated accordingly to ensure our curriculum is in line with the current trend both nationally and internationally. This part-time interior designing degree consists of 3 semesters (professional courses and elective courses).


Semester 1

  • Principle of Interior Design
  • Sound & Vision
  • Furniture Design
  • Sustainable & Green Design

Semester 2

  • Computer Aided Design (AutoCAD)
  • English For Employment
  • 3D Studio Max
  • Interior Design

Semester 3

  • Studio Design
  • Building Material
  • Digital Communication (Design Software)
  • Project


3d interior designing

Semester 1

  • Building By Law
  • Digital Communication – AutoCAD
  • Digital Communication – SketchUp
  • Environmental Science & Services (Elective)
  • Interior Design Principle
  • Studio Interior Design |

Semester 2

  • Building Services 1 (Elective)
  • 3D Modelling Skill I
  • Ergonomic and Human Factor (Elective)
  • Interior Design Contruction (Elective)
  • Pengajian Malaysia
  • Studio Interior Design II

Semester 3

  • Building Materials
  • 3D Modelling Skill II
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • Entrepreneurship
  • History of Arts and Architecture
  • Studio Interior Design III


Semester 4

  • 3D Animation & Panorama
  • Interior Design Communication & Graphic
  • Interior Design Construction II (Elective)
  • Interior Design Professional Practice & Management
  • Studio Interior Design IV
  • Sustainable and Green Design

Semester 5

  • Building Services II (Elective)
  • 3D Modelling Skill III
  • Interior Construction Economics
  • Introduction to Contract Management
  • Studio Interior Design V
  • Working Drawing and Documentation

Semester 6

  • Academic Skills
  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Lighting Design
  • Research Method
  • Studio Interior Design VI
  • Topical Studies

Career prospects

INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN is about transforming a space and improving the quality of a client’s life, making it more stylish and optimizing the space effectively at the same time.  Interior design certification shapes future career options for a landscape architect:

Designer in Architecture and Interior Design Firms

  • Exhibition/ Event Designer
  • Practice in Furniture Industry
  • 3D Visualizer
  • Showroom/ Window Display Designer
  • Sales Personnel for Building Materials
  • Colour Scheme Adviser
  • Building Model Maker


Study option

Professional Certificate in Interior Design

Duration: 4 modules with 112 hours of learning

Class: Weekends/ Weekdays

Venue: ZOOM platform

Tuition fees: RM 7,880

Professional / Advanced Diploma in Interior Architecture Design

Duration: 1 year part-time course

Modules: 11 modules, + 1 Project

Class: Weekends

Venue: ZOOM platform

Tuition fees: RM 18,800

Professional Degree in Interior  Architecture  Design

Duration: 1 year + 6 months part-time course

Modules: 18 modules + 2 projects

Class: Weekdays

Venue: ZOOM platform

Tuition fees: RM 35,800

Entry requirements

The applicant who is interested in pursuing the interior architecture & design program must possess the following qualifications:

  1. Certificate issued by UTM-space
  • Pass SPM/ STPM/ UEC
  • At least 21 years old
  • 3 years of working experience in related field
  1. Certificate issued by Warnborough college (UK)
  • At least 16 years old